Speakeasy #30: The Valentine's Day Edition

Friday, 10 February 2017 / Time: 8:00pm 10:00pm / Venue: Artistry 17 Sungai Pinang Singapore 199149

Speakeasy, organised by poet Pooja Nansi, enters it's dirtiest thirtieth edition with the fourth Valentine's day edition.

14 writers and poetry lovers reading their favourite love poems about heartbreak, hot nights and hamburgers.

If the last three V-Day editions were anything to go by, you'll encounter anything from Rimbaud to Rihanna, from Shakespeare to Snoop Dogg. No date? No problem. We'll be hissing and booing at everyone in a couple t shirt anyway. So hide yo kids, hide yo wives- we dousing everybody in verse (and some vodka) up in here.

Pay as you please at the door (because readers should get beer money). Come early. Doors close once we reach capacity, but the event will be piped to the outer deck.

1. Jon Gresham

Moonage Daydream - David Bowie
Topography - Sharon Olds
You're Beautiful - Simon Armitage

2.Marylyn Tan

Lick My Butt - Justin Chin
Pluto. 3 - C.A. Conrad
Energy Eulogy - Aaron Freeman

3. Balli Kaur Jaswal

Our Union - Hafiz
You fit into me - Margaret Atwood
What the Living Do - Marie Howe
Good Bones - Maggi Smith

4. Darryl Whetter

Keeping things whole - Mark Strand
Somewhere I have never travelled - e e cummings
Ghazal IV - John Thompson

5. Joel Tan

Rings - Carol Ann Duffy
Soup -Boey Kim Cheng
Extract from Atlantis - Marc Doty

6. Yong Shu Hoong

A blade of grass - Brian Patten
The innocence of any flesh sleeping - Brian Patten
Someone's coming back - Brian Patten

7. Ruth Tang

Meditations at Lagunitas - Robert Hass
The Glass Essay - Anne Carson
Your Goodness - Arthur Yap

8. Daryl Yam

For Love - Robert Creeley Poems by Saif

9. Will Beale

Short & Tall by Sam Ferrante (book: Pick Me Up)
Train to Rosanna by Arielle Cottingham (book: The Tarantist's Soapbox)
Forgiveness & Forgetfulness by John Englezos (book: If The World Were Upside Down)

10. Ian Chung

Thoughts on Unpacking by Thom Gunn
They tell us the first time we make love it should be with someone special - Cheryl Julia Lee

11. Barrie Sherwood

Sonnet to Guido Cavalcanti - Dante Alighieri

12. Samuel Lee

A day in the life of your suitcase - Selima Hill
The visitations of prejudiced angels - Selima Hill
Married people going to work - Jenny Joseph

13. Renee Ting

Stay Still - Pooja Nansi
Without You - Tania De Rozario
Boats- Cyril Wong

14. Ashley 50

He Who Buildeth - Edwin Thumboo
Like Making Love, it is always easier the second time - Ng Yi Sheng

15. Cyril Wong

Dancing on my own - Robyn

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